What Does Intercessory Prayer Look Like in Everyday Life? Interview with Audrey Brown

Mobilizing and multiplying prayer for Disciple Making Movements

“One thing will always mark a person who has greatness with people and greatness with God – it will be greatness in prayer.” (Mark Bubeck, Warfare Praying

“Having a weapon is really different than using it.” (Arthur Matthews, Born for Battle


In this interview, Audrey Brown (wife of Harry Brown, the President of New Generations), shares some of her insights about spiritual warfare prayer: 

“Well, I would say that praying aloud is one of the insights I’ve learned because from the model of Jesus, He spoke out loud to the enemy. He used the sword, which is the word of God, when He spoke to the enemy in the desert and took him down. Another time He said, “Get behind me Satan!” You see Him using His voice. I’ve really come to realize that’s one of the key things in praying together, like being in a group, you are praying out loud because the spirit world can’t read our thoughts. God can! I always think of this: you know, you can pray and talk to God in this inner sanctuary of this temple of the Holy Spirit, and He can hear everything, but if you’re going to be addressing the spirit world, you have to do it out loud. So, I think that’s an important thing to remember that I learned from Jesus…if I’m going to say “Get out of here Satan!”, I’m going to say it out loud. “I’m resisting you in the name of Jesus!” And using scripture, using scripture, using scripture! I can’t think of anything more important than using the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. That is so key and that’s what Jesus modeled. It’s interesting — everything that Jesus used is available to us! He is the Word of God. He used his voice! To me, that is astounding. 

I think another key thing is it’s a truth encounter… People hear about intercession and they talk about, “Oh, this person of great faith…” and you get this feeling like, “I’m nobody. I’m nothing. I don’t have great faith. What can I do?” That thought is from the enemy, because it’s not about my power. It’s not about how spiritual I am, it’s not about my standing in the church, it’s none of that stuff. It is all a hundred percent dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ and His power, His truth! So, when I’m engaging the enemy, or praying about taking over territory, or praying against strongholds, it’s a truth encounter. It’s declaring the truth of Jesus Christ. It’s using the word of God and it’s not dependent on me. God allows me to enter into this. He calls to us to do it, but it is using the truth of the word of God. We have this incredible weapon!”

To hear more of Audrey’s insights, watch the full interview here: